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Monday, 18 July 2011 17:43

Karl Partsch

Karl Partsch

Mr. Partsch, a high school biology teacher, has mobilised citizens, especially young people and students, in reforesting denuded alpine areas to control flood and soil erosion. He has used the media extensively for his campaigns. Since 1989 he has been a Member of the European Parliament.

As a full member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection, he continues his work for the protection of the environment.

Monday, 18 July 2011 17:41

Park Ro-Kyeong

Park Ro-Kyeong

Mr. Park Ro-Kyeong contributed much to environmental preservation in Korea by writing about 450 articles on the environment from 1968 to 1986 in the Cho-Sun and Kyung-hyang daily newspapers.

He wrote a "Study on Public Nuisance in PUnited States of American City" in 1968 and presented "Industrial Policy and Environmental Preservation Measures" at a seminar organised by the Red Cross in 1973 and "Reform Measures of Environmental Administration" at a seminar organised by Seoul City in 1977.

He also wrote several editorials on the environment in weekly and monthly magazines and gave lectures on environmental protection to the Red Cross, YMCA, Consumer and Teacher Associations and at meetings of the health and social affairs departments of the National Assembly.

Mr. Park has contributed in-depth articles on the environment as a freelancer after retiring at the end of 1986. In addition, he took the initiative in establishing Global 500 Club in Korea

Monday, 18 July 2011 17:40

Krishnakumar Panday

Krishnakumar Panday

The author of the book "Fodder Trees and Tree Fodder in Nepal", published in Switzerland, and founder of "Jara Juri", a trust established to give recognition to the efforts of the grassroots in forest conservation and involve them in environmental protection and self-reliant development.

The movement has widely publicised the successful efforts of the inhabitants of many Nepalese villages and encouraged much-needed policy changes for environmental protection in Nepal.

Monday, 18 July 2011 17:37

Maria Teresa Ortiz

(Joint Award - See Conservation International)

Ms. Ortiz developed and arranged the historic first "debt for nature swap" with the Bolivian Government, which agreed in 1987 to conserve 3.7 million acres of tropical forest and grasslands in exchange for retirement of part of its foreign debt.

Conservation International, a Washington-based environmental organisation, for which Ms. Ortiz is the Bolivian programme director, negotiated the financing of the exchange and will assist Bolivia in management of the reserve.

Monday, 18 July 2011 17:35

Perez Olindo

Perez Olindo

Dr. Olindo, who was the Director of the Kenya Wildlife Conservation and Management Department, is an outstanding and courageous administrator in wildlife and national parks management. He faced political and commercial pressures while strengthening conservation policies and practices in Kenya.

Dr. Olindo has over the years served as the Vice-Chairman of the International Commission on National Parks and Protected Areas; and also as Vice-Chairman of World Conservation Union's Species Survival Commission.

Since 1989, Dr. Olindo, a Senior Associate at the African Wildlife Foundation, has worked in the area of Public Policy on the Conservation of the African elephant throughout the 38 African elephant range states.

Monday, 18 July 2011 17:33

Shigeyuki Okajima

Shigeyuki Okajima

A leading Japanese journalist (now, Executive director of The Japan Environmental Education Forum) who has for 10 years been active in conservation and anti-pollution movements. During 1986 and 1987, through his newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun, he conducted major information campaigns on global environmental issues.

Mr. Okajima was coordinator and chairman of the 1987 Tokyo international journalists symposium on the environment.

Oficina Nacional de Evaluacion de Recursos Naturales

For the past 25 years ONERN, a government department, has promoted training and development of new technologies for integrated natural resources management in Peru.
Monday, 18 July 2011 17:30

Professor Hideo Obara

Professor Hideo Obara

An eminent zoologist who for over 40 years has been active in conservation and public education. He is the author of more than 100 books and papers on mammals and wildlife conservation etc., and is a leading campaigner against reopens Ivory Trade and whaling in Japan and abroad.

He has held many responsible positions as a volunteer: "former" Chairman of TRAFFIC-Japan; board member of WWF-Japan (Chairman of Conservation Committee); Director General of the Nature Conservation Society of Japan; and "recently" Representative Board Member of Japan Environmental Council; Advisor of IUCN and SCC; President of Japan Wildlife Conservation Society etc.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

NRDC is a leading international NGO specialising in environmental management.

Using its scientific, legal and political expertise, the council campaigns for conservation of ecosystems and wildlife, and lobbies for safe technology transfer to developing nations.

Monday, 18 July 2011 17:24

Pisit Na Patalung

Pisit Na Patalung

As Secretary-General of Wildlife Fund - Thailand, Pisit Na Patalung has provided exemplary leadership in public awareness and implementation of wildlife and natural resource conservation projects particularly among villagers in his country.

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