Friday, 03 June 2011 18:18

Hafidi My El-Mehdi

Hafidi My El-Mehdi

Once upon a time, a rare species of wild sheep (Amotragus Lervia) roamed 15,000 km of the rock peaks of the eastern Moroccan range.

In 1985, forestry engineer Hafidi My El-Mehdi undertook the first census, which revealed that only 40 of this rare species remained in these daunting mountains. The extinction of this species was the result of poaching by the local population. Mr. Hafidi reacted by locating and counting the animals that were left, and by sensitizing the local population. He brought in food and water; fought against poachers and undertook a study, which would lead to the creation of a national park to save this species. Mr. Hafidi convinced high-level authorities to support this park which is currently being set up.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 05:20

Sekkou Zouha

Adult Award Winner in 1987

A Moroccan forester and field director of a government desert control project in the Draa Valley. By providing seedlings, maintaining plantations and soil conservation works, Mr. Zouha kept sand dunes in check, greatly benefiting the 100,000 inhabitants of the valley.