Wednesday, 23 March 2011 06:13

Lily Venizelos

Adult Award Winner in 1987

Lily Venizelos is the founder and president of Medasset, the Mediterranean association to save the sea turtles - the unique organisation of experts working is this area.

She has devoted the last decade to an international campaign to protect these ancient creatures throughout the Mediterranean. By unceasing lobbying of ther Greek government, she has secured protective measures for caretta caretta in their most important breeding ground, on the island of Zakyrithos.

Through the media, writing articles and papers and attending symposia and conferences, she keeps the plight of these species in the public eye.
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 05:37

Marinos Yeroulanos

Adult Award Winner in 1987

Mr. Yeroulanos initiated environmental legislation and the first Environment Ministry of the Greek Government.

He promoted national and regional environmental planning and introduced these considerations into government decision-making.

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