Hellenic Marine Environment Protection (HELMEPA)

Hellenic Marine Environment Protection

The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) Junior aims to promote the voluntary participation of children, between the ages of eight and 15, in the protection of seas and beaches. HELMEPA has an education programme, which operates in 12 geographical areas of Greece. With the support of the Ministry of Education, HELMEPA implements its programme whereby students are organized into groups of 10 and are asked to execute during the year, 12 of the following activities: voluntary clean-ups of beaches, lakes, rivers or streams; recycling of cans, paper or glass in their schools; creation and dissemination of information material; presentations at schools or at parent associations; publication of a newsletter; writing letters to the local press; presentation of group activities to the media, dissemination of information material to visitors in their area; cooperation with other HELMEPA Junior groups; creation/distribution of posters; production of audio materials with environmental messages; development of comic books starring seabirds and other marine animals; production of a weekly or monthly radio show; and conducting polls among the local population. HELMEPA produces a newsletter, which reports on the progress of the groups, and provides teachers with updated information on the marine environment and its integration into the curriculum. HELMEPA set up a permanent and mobile exhibition. More than 170,000 children have visited the exhibit to which they are transported free of charge.

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