All-China Women's Federation

All-China Women's Federation

When International Working Women's Day (March 8) was marked in 1990, the All-China Women's Federation launched its Green Engineering Programme. Six years since, the programme has attracted the support and participation of both urban and rural women throughout the country. Every year, the Federation organizes 120 million urban and rural women to take part in voluntary tree-planting activities. To date, 4.2 billion trees have been planted. In 1995, during the Fourth World Conference on Women, some 500 pine and cypress trees were planted in Huairou, near Beijing in an effort to express friendship and unity among all women of the world. Since 1993, supported by the Ministry of Forestry and through their Green Engineering Programme, the Federation has set up similar tree planting effort in 22 cities and counties in 16 provinces. In urban areas, women have planted trees and grown grass to make cities more green and beautiful. The Federation has also helped some 80 million women to attend training courses on applied new technology in forestry. In five provinces, namely Hubei, Jiangxi, Zejiang, Hunan and Guangxi, the women have planted trees on 193,000 hectares, fruit trees on 37,300 hectares, and transformed 2,500 low-yield hectares by planting tea oil trees. Through the All China Women's Federation and the Green Engineering Programme women have played a significant role in afforestation and environmental improvement activities in China.

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