Global Environmental Action

Global Environmental Action

In 1991, Global Environmental Action (GEA) was established as a non-governmental organization (NGO), whose committee comprises decision-makers of high standing in the fields of policy, industry and academia. GEA is continuously playing a key role as an advocator of environmental protection and sustainable development in close collaboration with UN organizations. In March 1992, three months before the Rio Summit, GEA held its first international Eminent Persons Conference on Financing Global Environment and Development in Tokyo in collaboration with the UNCED Secretariat. The results of this Conference, presented to the special session of the Earth Summit for consideration, did much to pave the way for the successful discussions and outcome of the Summit. In 1994, GEA hosted its second international conference entitled "Tokyo Conference on Environmental Action" in cooperation with the UN Committee on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). Using the conclusions of this conference as a base, the '94 Tokyo Declaration was sent around the world calling for a deepening international dialogue and global concrete actions, which would contribute to sustainable development. In 1997, to review the implementation of Agenda 21 and provide input to the UN General Assembly at its Special Session, GEA, in conjunction with UNCSD, held its third international conference entitled "Global Partnership Summit on Environment".

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