Pennsylvania Senior Environment Corps (PaSEC)

Pennsylvania Senior Environment Corps (PaSEC)

The Pennsylvania Senior Environment Corps (PaSEC) is the first partnership in the United States between the State Department of Aging and Environmental Protection. This private sector programme is the Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement (EASI) - a national non-profit coalition dedicated to increasing the involvement of older citizens in environmental volunteerism.

PaSEC's goals are to: increase the involvement of older citizens in local environmental problem-solving; provide quality-controlled environmental information on environmental concerns throughout the state; change the traditional view of seniors from frail to vigorous; improve the health of retired citizens who are not traditional volunteers; use skills and leadership capabilities developed through lifetimes of experience; involve home- bound and frail elderly in productive community activities; and create a sustainable, community-based resource for inter-generational mentoring in a positive, productive setting.

In 1997, the year PaSEC was founded, 300 senior citizens volunteered to participate in this project. In the first two years water quality monitoring was undertaken, and some 250 stream sites are being tested monthly for state-identified parameters. Twice annually, the volunteers carry out stream habitat assessment and bio-surveys, and all collected data is entered into an electronic database developed by EASI.

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