Professor Masayuki Tanaka

Professor Masayuki Tanaka

Professor Masayuki Tanaka of Tohoku University in Japan has greatly contributed to the development of climatology and global environmental science, through his research on greenhouse gases (GHG) and aerosols. For more than 30 years, he has been one of the greatest advocates of the impact of climate change. His most remarkable achievement was in establishing the relationship between GHGs and aerosols. His findings form the basis of the methodology used to predict future climate change. His other achievements include: the establishment of a model incorporating multi-dispersion process in radiation transmissions and its application to determine the relationship between the earth's temperature, albedo and aerosols; the establishment of methodologies for estimating refractive index and size of aerosol for understanding of its temporal and spatial distribution; the clarification of relationship between aerosol distribution pattern and volcanic eruption and scattering particles from desert, using air-borne survey of intensity of direct and dispersive sunlight; the evaluation of radioactive characteristics of heterogeneous clouds, which lead the denial of abnormal absorption of solar radiation by clouds; and the establishment of a methodology for measuring the concentration and isotopic ratio of GHG, which enables the mapping of GHG concentration in the Asia-Pacific region. He is the author of several books on climate change, which have led to a better understanding of the issue.

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