Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP)

Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP)

The Chumbe Island Coral Park, established in 1992, is the first and only marine nature reserve in Tanzania developed by a private company. Thanks to this initiative, the Chumbe Reef Sanctuary was gazetted in 1994 as a protected area by the Government of Zanzibar.

As a result, the Island is now a pristine coral island ecosystem in an otherwise overfished and over-exploited area. For the past eight years, the Park has been and continues to be a conservation area that provides important community benefits and social services to the population of Zanzibar, particularly fishermen and school children.

The Project has: secured continued protection of valuable flora and fauna; helped restock locally depleted fisheries; promoted the recovery of degraded coral reef ecosystems; contributed to biological diversity conservation and ecological restoration by a coral reef, which has at least 90% of the scleractinian coral species ever recorded in East Africa; provided a training ground for local people in conservation management; helped create environmental awareness among the fishermen in the area; and provided valuable experience in the financially sustainable management of protected areas; given permanent help to local fishermen in distress; provided a direct source of income to local fishermen; contributed to capacity building of government staff; created unique facilities for environmental education; cooperated with the Harbours Authority to keep the lighthouse functioning; and offered valuable research opportunities for Tanzanian and foreign research institutions.

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