Park Ro-Kyeong

Park Ro-Kyeong

Mr. Park Ro-Kyeong contributed much to environmental preservation in Korea by writing about 450 articles on the environment from 1968 to 1986 in the Cho-Sun and Kyung-hyang daily newspapers.

He wrote a "Study on Public Nuisance in PUnited States of American City" in 1968 and presented "Industrial Policy and Environmental Preservation Measures" at a seminar organised by the Red Cross in 1973 and "Reform Measures of Environmental Administration" at a seminar organised by Seoul City in 1977.

He also wrote several editorials on the environment in weekly and monthly magazines and gave lectures on environmental protection to the Red Cross, YMCA, Consumer and Teacher Associations and at meetings of the health and social affairs departments of the National Assembly.

Mr. Park has contributed in-depth articles on the environment as a freelancer after retiring at the end of 1986. In addition, he took the initiative in establishing Global 500 Club in Korea

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