City of Las Pinas

City of Las Pinas

The City of Las Pinas in the Philippines has grown from a sleepy agricultural and fishing community into one of the most highly urbanized cities in Metro Manila. With a population of 494,875, Las Pinas is home to big businesses such as Goodyear, Philips, Sarao Motors, Philippine Standard (Saniware) and Francisco Motors.

Under the leadership of its Mayor, Vergel Aguilar, the City has drawn up a blueprint addressing the protection of the environment through legislation and action. With the purchase of 40 compactor trucks and two dump trucks, the City reached its zero-waste management goal. The average daily collection reaches about 700 cubic meters, and after three years of operation and because of its decision to have the operations managed by private contractors, the Government has been able to save about P 140 million. The savings have been used to finance projects, such as the construction of roads, schools, health clinics, day care and nutrition centers and colleges.

To encourage the active participation of the communities, the City and the Clean and Green Council conduct a quarterly beautification contest involving the depressed areas of the City. Business establishments are encouraged to join the City Government's Campaign through its Adopt-a-Barangay (community) progamme. They donate plastic garbage bags for distribution to the different Barangays.

The City, in cooperation with the MB Villar Foundation, has maintained 70 tree parks cum playgrounds in almost every Barangay. Trees and ornamental plants have been planted and landscaped to beautify the environment, and nurseries are maintained. In 1995, an Orchidarium was set up and is being maintained by the City Government and the Department of Agriculture.

Through the Clean and Green Council, the City has organized a group of environmentally conscious students. Every weekend, all public schools conduct clean up activities in their institution and in surrounding areas. Environmental awareness is also included in the students' subjects, and essay and painting contests and seminars are organized.

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