Dr. Reuben Americo Marti

Dr. Reuben Americo Marti

Dr. Reuben Marti is a professor at the National University of Cordoba and former Mayor of Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina. He is the author of Cordoba's first Environment Regulation, which established compulsory environment impact assessment (EIA). The regulation, written by Dr. Marti, was used as a model by a large number of regional governments, including Tucuman, Neuquen and Mendoza. Through this regulation, two unprecedented organizations have been created, namely the State Environment Council, open to NGOs and the general public, and the Environmental Brigade of Volunteers.

Known in Argentina as the Green Mayor, he empowered citizens and groups and developed an unprecedented green policy. As mayor, he created the Free University of the Environment (the first of its kind in Argentina). This University is open to every citizen, even illiterate ones through its 'University on Wheels' programme and TV documentaries. Most of the 18 TV documentaries are broadcast on cable TV in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Dr. Marti created the 'Environment Observatory', which includes one of the best equipped laboratories in Latin America, two laboratory trucks and a network of mobile stations. He also created 10 urban parks with a total surface of 190 hectares. During his administration, 300,000 trees were planted, and he promoted the decentralization of the municipal administration, creating nine centers of popular participation. In addition to their administrative role, these centers are used as theatres, markets for handicrafts, gymnastics and training courses.

He also developed a more sustainable public transport system and an unprecedented 200 km-long bicycle path throughout the City, as well as a recycling system for home waste, which today covers 60% of the City. He also created a botanical garden.

Dr. Marti is President of the Latin American Chapter of the International Union of Local Authorities and Vice-President of the World Association of Mayor Metropolis.

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