Jung Hee Park

Jung Hee Park

Jung Hee Park, President of the non-governmental organization Korea Women Environment Movement Center (KWEMC), began her public service career in 1968 - four years after she started working for the YWCA in Seoul. During her tenure, she tried to make the connection between vocational training and professional development to increase employment opportunities for women. When she was elected President of the YWCA in 1991, she initiated the construction of Bongchun Dong Social Welfare Facility where she concentrated on consumer protection campaigns, environmental activities and juvenile education activities.

She initiated a number of campaigns, including ANABADA, which is about reducing, reusing and recycling, the Living Species Protection Campaign, Operation Monitoring Team of Water Quality, and a seminar for Green products. Under her leadership, Seoul YWCA sent 3,000 truck-loads full of waste to recycling plants. She also promoted environment-friendly products and organized a major tree planting campaign where young trees were distributed free of charge.

In 1996, when she was elected President of KWEMC, she brought together a number of women who were active in the environment to help her fight her cause. She published, translated and distributed gratis environmental teaching materials to the general public and teachers. She also undertook a survey of disposable products in department stores and supermarkets.

From 1992 to 1997, she was a member of the Presidential Commission Administrative Reform Committee. In that capacity, she helped raise awareness of industry's policy on waste and introduced an evaluation system for firms. She also worked on revising the laws for taxes and charges for the improvement of the environment. Every spring, Ms. Park undertakes tree planting efforts and every summer she conducts environmental camps.

Every month, she organizes seminars on waste combustion and field trips to Samankum Tidal. To further promote environmental awareness, she regularly gives lectures on environmental conservation at churches and schools.

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