Reid A. Bryson

Reid A. Bryson

In 1963, Dr. Reid A. Bryson founded the Center for Climatic Research, in which he is currently Senior Scientist. Throughout his career, Dr. Bryson has been interested in interdisciplinary studies and was one of the founders and chairman of the University of Wisconsin’s Interdisciplinary Committee on the Future of Man. 

He also was the driving force behind the development of the University of Wisconsin's Institute for Environmental Studies and its focus on the "interdisciplinary study of the man-environment system" between 1965 and 1970. He was Director of the Institute from 1970-1985.  The Institute has produced scores of graduates in fields of environmental importance. Considered by many to be the ‘Father of Scientific Climatology’, Professor Bryson has written five books and more than 240 papers in the fields of limnology, meteorology, climatology, archaeology and geography. 

Much of Dr. Bryson’s work has dealt with climate in relation to human ecology, and this has lead him into extensive travel, especially to Asia where he worked primarily on anthropogenic changes of climate and landscape in general. 

Dr. Bryson is also widely known for his research on past climates, climatic change, and climate in relation to biota and history. His best-known laboratory works are in the development of new approaches to climatology, such as airstream analysis and quantitative, objective methods of reconstructing past climates. Dr. Bryson is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Meteorological Society, and a charter member of the World Council for the Biosphere. HeSenior Scientist at the Center for Climatic Research and Emeritus Prof. of Meteorology, of Geography, and of Environmental Studies.

Though born in Michigan in 1920, he regards Wisconsin as his home state, his profession as teaching, and his field as interdisciplinary earth science with a strong humanistic component.

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