City Council of Erlangen

City Council of Erlangen

Erlangen (pop. 100,000) has become a model for an environmentally- friendly city management. In close cooperation with local representatives of associations for the preservation of nature and the environment, the Erlangen City Council has issued a series of by-laws for the enhancement of the ecological situation in Erlangen.

This intensive collaboration, supported by committed public relations work, has led to a considerable improvement in the field of City ecology. An integrated refuse collection and processing programme helps to avoid the production of refuse and ensures the recycling of a high proportion of garbage and waste.

The city's traffic planning is exemplary -approximately 200 km of bike paths have been developed over the past 20 years, and the use of public transport has risen by 25%. Biotopes were laid out at a cost of over us$3 million, an in the immediate neighbourhood of the city approximately 40 hectares of wetland were restored. To date 43% of the city zone has been declared either protected landscape areas or nature reserves.

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