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Phra Ajahn Pongsak Tejadhammo

Phra Ajahn Pongsak Tejadhammo

From an understanding of forest functions gained through 38 years of retreats in the wilderness, Phra Ajahn Pongsak became acutely aware of the direct link between forest destruction and the increasing hardship suffered by lowland villagers. In response to this crisis, the Dhammanaat Foundation was set up to promote this awareness and fund activities arising from this understanding.

Their pioneer project in the Mae Soi Valley shows these principles being put into action, where conservation and reafforestation is being implemented alongside the provision of sustainable livelihoods and resource management. He has gained wide recognition for his work both nationally and internationally.

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    Dhammanaat Foundation for Conservation and Rural Development

    101 Wat Phalad, Srivichai

    Tumbon Suthep, Amphure Muang

    Chaingmai 50000


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