Juventude Ecologica Angolana - (JEA)

Juventude Ecologica Angolana (JEA)

Juventude Ecologica Angolana (JEA) is an environmental NGO founded in 1991 by a group of young Angolan activists. Despite the difficult conditions brought about by decades of war and limited resources, these young people have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and personal commitment, thus helping JEA become a leading environmental force in the country.

JEA, whose aim is to promote environmental education and awareness among young people is active, not only in the Capital Luanda, but also in numerous provinces. Some of JEA's achievements include: the Environmental Olympics, which promotes environmental education in high schools, involves some 2000 youth in 40 schools in Luanda and 500 youth in 10 schools in Huila Province; the production of environmental radio programmes in Luanda initiated, edited and presented by JEA, including one on National Radio and five in other provinces; the distribution of environmental information; and the promotion of environmental awareness through regular columns in newspapers, such as Journal of Angola, Actual, Humbi-Humbi and JEA's own newspaper Little Green.

JEA works closely with the Government of Angola and primarily the Ministry of Fisheries and Environment. JEA assists in the implementation of national environmental awareness and education campaigns. JEA has initiated the creation of an association comprising all Angolan environmental NGOs in an effort to enhance collaboration and communication between associations, which share a mutual cause.

JEA is a member of the CEC Commission of IUCN and the Environmental Education Association of South Africa, and works within the framework of the Southern Africa Development Community for environmental education and capacity-building.

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    Mr. Constantino Mendes
    Head: Department for Cooperation
    National Board Council
    Maculusso, P.O. Box 542
    Luanda, Angola

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