Municipal Government of Shenzhen

Municipal Government of Shenzhen

Shenzhen City, established in 1980 as China's first economic special zone, has successfully followed the concept of developing the economy without damaging the environment. The municipal government followed an integrated planning approach, which involves strict laws. To date, 38 local environmental laws have been passed.

In 1982, regional environmental impact assessment and planning research on the overall development of the City was conducted and it was decided that construction in Shenzhen would be in the form of clusters. 76% of non-civil land in the City was earmarked for ecological purposes and 135 parks were created, thus increasing green coverage in the urban center by 45%.

The social and economic development strategy was undertaken in a scientific way. Great efforts were made to develop advanced science and technology-led industry characterized by quality, efficiency and resource protection. In the last five years, the City has vetoed 3,619 projects, which failed to meet environmental requirements. Shenzhen is the first city in China to achieve standard industrial discharge.

The energy and water consumption for 10,000 Yuan of industrial output is 0.7 tons and 73 tons of standard coal respectively. Cleaner energy accounts for 90% of the total energy. Today, the percentage of environmentally good days is 98.4%. The potable water has met national quality standards. The annual investment for environment has been 2 billion Yuans and increased to 3.8 billion in 2001. The City has set up eight wastewater treatment plants and China's first sanitary waste landfill plants, which meet international standards. In addition, two power plants for waste incineration and one hazardous waste safety landfill plant have been built. The City is now promoting housewaste separation and classification and has set up 69 green schools and kindergartens and one ecological demonstration township. More than 80 enterprises have received ISO14000 accreditation. In the last 21 years, the annual GDP has increased by 30.3% and the per capita GDP is now number one in China. It has succeeded in achieving rapid economic development while maintaining a favourable environmental cycle.

Chenzhen received the title National Model City for Environmental Protection and was honored as the International Garden City in 2000 by the International Association of Gardens and Recreational Facilities. Shenzhen serves as a model for successful sustainable development for developing and newly developed countries.

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