Suryo Wardhoyo Prawiroatmodjo

Suryo Wardhoyo Prawiroatmodjo

Dr. Prawiroattnodjo, veterinarian, initiated the establishment of Pusat Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (PPLH), an environmental education centre in East Java, Indonesia.

The aim of the centre is to stimulate awareness and extend conservation education to all parts of Indonesia and South East Asia. The centre activities are mostly of a practical nature covering veterinary practice, observation, and field work along with other practical examples.

He also joined the Green Indonesia Foundation to help them spread environmental education.

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    P.O. Box 03 Trawas, Mojokerto 961375, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

  • Phone Number: (0321) 618752
  • Fax Number: (0321) 618754
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