Hayrettin Karaca

Hayrettin Karaca

Hayrettin Karaca gave up his 31 -year business life to begin work on conserving flora, and established the only private arboretum in Turkey.

The Karaca Arboretum has approximately 6000 varied trees and shrubs from Turkey and the rest of the world. The Arboretum is open to the public and all scientific foundations and trains students in agriculture and forestry.

Karaca also helped launch the Karaca Arboretum Magazine, a scientific periodical. Over the last five years, he has given over 30 lectures to students inside and outside the country.

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    Karaca Arboretum

    Davutpaca, Kisla Cad. No. 1.,

    Istanbul, Turkey

  • Phone Number: 90 0 (212) 482 2031
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