The Tengtou Village


The Tengtou Village

Since 1965, Tengtou Village in Zhejiang Province has undertaken environmental protection by combining agriculture with forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, industry and trade. The outcome of 25 years of effort is the realization of productive fields and underground irrigation. Along with large-sized animal farms, biogas pools and gas supply piping facilities, a three-dimensional cultivating and breeding eco-farming structure of forest and rice planting has been set up in the village. Their recycling system of farming, animal husbandry, cultivation, by-product processing, biogas use in lieu of fossil fuels and their use of organic fertilizers, reduces the amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticides used. In 1990, the profits of the village was 1.71 million yuan RMB, which greatly raised the community's level of education, welfare and sanitation. Three districts have been set up in the village: industrial and trade, education and residential. With the construction of five non-polluting clothes, fodder and diamond factories, it is now a beautiful eco-village.

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    The Tengtou Village


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