In 1979, a young teacher, Charles Herve-Gruyer set sail on Fleur de Lampaul with a number of troubled children and adolescents, as well as scientists from Europe. The goal of their expedition was to study cetaceans (270 observations of 12 species were made).

In 1990, Fleur de Lampaul became the first sailship in France to offer children oceanographic courses. Documents on the marine environment are produced by the children and the scientists: 10 films - three of them for schools, 130 TV spots in more than 20 countries, 680 press stories, 600 radio broadcasts and photo exhibits in schools.

Following the success of these expeditions, European authorities decided to support the project. The sailship is in the process of being recognized as a Scientific and Technical Cultural Centre by the Ministry of Research and Technology.

In 1992, Fleur de Lampaul set off on a 26-month sailing expedition across the continents to study some of the ecosystems of our planet, including sea, desert, equatorial Africa, Amazonian forests, coral reefs, and to meet indigenous seafaring peoples.

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