Chandra Degia and Jimmy Brown

Chandra Degia and Jimmy Brown

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation (WECAN), formed in 1991, encourages environmental awareness among Jamaican youth; the development of a sustainable conservation ethic; and resource appreciation.

WECAN concentrates on youth teaching youth, Chandra and Jimmy have been the catalysts. Programmes and activities, which have been implemented, include nature hikes/camping/caving, field work with biologists, organic gardening, paper recycling, environ-rap (music), presentations by biologists, a biannual environmental magazine, a children's zoo, bird watches and slide show presentations.

They have organized a number of field excursions and have become knowledgeable about the birds of Jamaica and their habitats, and have made a number of presentations on the subject.

Chandra and Jimmy taught environmental education, developing their own curriculum, finding examples, and promoting enthusiasm for conservation among less-privileged children. Both have devoted many hours to research and to the efficient management of WECAN.

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