Najib Saab

Najib Saab

Through Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Environment and Development) magazine, which he launched as a private initiative, Najib Saab has triggered an unprecedented environmental public awareness campaign in the Middle East, bringing environmental concerns to the Arab public-at-large and creating a regional environmental advocacy forum.

The influential magazine now has a circulation of 38,500 in 22 countries. It is used in schools, and its articles are a main reference for environmental curricula. Saab's editorials on sustainable development issues in the Middle East are syndicated to 10 daily newspapers.

Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia sponsors more than 360 environmental clubs in schools, and supports them with education material and training. Saab has produced a weekly environmental education television programme entitled Environment Club -- a pioneering effort in the region. The magazine organizes environmental conferences and it is shown in different parts of the region.

He has succeeded, again through his own initiative, to build around the magazine a pan-Arab environmental movement, which strongly helped place the environment on the agenda of both the public and the private sectors. By creating a vibrant environmental forum, he has accomplished what official bodies in the region could not successfully develop over the years.

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