Otil a Beluad

Otil a Beluad

Otil a Belaud is a women's and young people's organization in Palau engaged in serious defense of their culture, independence and the country's very unique environment.

Otil a Belaud worked against plans by Japan, Iran and the USA to base a superport oil terminal in Palau. Thanks to its efforts and those of other international environmental groups, the plan was shelved. Palau has a unique culture where land rights pass through women leaders.

There are some unrivalled ecosystems in Palau, which must be preserved and the women are determined to do this. Current environmental activities of Otil a Belaud include preservation of traditional taro swamps, lobbying for alternative sustainable energy systems, and a limit on building heights. It is an organization, which has utilized the grassroots line of communication to move more effectively.

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    P.O. Box 647 Koror Palau

  • Phone Number: (608) 488 2861
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  • Website: An Article About Otil a Beluad