Nancy Lee Nash

Nancy Lee Nash

Nancy Nash - conservationist, journalist and environmental education consultant, has continuously shown devotion and commitment towards wildlife conservation and environmental education.

She initiated the first contact between World Wildlife Fund International (WWF) and the Chinese Government. This led to a major cooperative effort to sustain the existence of the endangered giant panda. She helped organize the transportation of seven Siberian tigers from the Bronx and Minneapolis zoos, where they were being successfully bred, to China where too much in-breeding was taking place. Currently, she is involved in a major project with the potential of reaching more than 500 million people in Asia and beyond.

Nancy Nash is responsible for initiating, financing and running the project entitled 'The Buddhist Perception of Nature - A New Perspective for Conservation Education.' This project develops a new perspective for conservation education by using traditional Buddhist teachings to strengthen attitudes toward the protection of the environment, and to raise public awareness.

Her work has inspired similar projects aimed at probing the environmental ethics of religious and native communities throughout the world. For initiating this globally significant project, Nancy Nash received the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise in 1987.

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