Valery P. Kukhar

Valery P. Kukhar

Valery Kukhar is a proponent of ecological monitoring in the Ukraine. He contributes his expertise in resource-saving technology by advising on the appropriate location and construction of industries. He has turned the attention of the public on the ecological problems in the Ukraine through the mass media.

Since the Chernobyl incident, he has devoted his time to examining ways of minimizing its harmful effects. He has also continued to apply his knowledge in chemistry to conduct research in the conservation of natural resources, the use of agricultural chemicals, and well-water retaining capacities.


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    1 Murmanska St.

    02660 Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Phone Number: (044) 558 5388
  • Fax Number: (044) 573 2552
  • E-mail: kukhar@bpс
  • Website: Valery P. Kukhar's Biography