For over 27 years, Ecover, based in Malle, Belgium, has been devoted to developing and producing effective and ecological washing and cleaning products made from plant and mineral based ingredients. Ecover's aim is to provide effective sustainable alternatives for washing and cleaning that can be used daily by people all around the world.

Ecover's ecological principles extend far beyond the products they create. Ecover's vision of sustainability takes ecological, economic and social aspects into account from the origins of the raw materials, to the complete biodegradation of the final products. Strict criteria are employed along the way as guidelines for all business operations. The products themselves are manufactured in Ecover's unique, world-famous ecological factories in Belgium and France.

Ecover is a company that operates with sustainability at its very core. Ecover is constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to create new and more effective products that have minimum negative impact on the environment.


In 1993 Ecover was awarded the “Global 500 Roll of Honour” award, for outstanding achievements in the protection and improvement of the environment. And, in 1999 Ecover received the "Environmental Stewardship" Award from the Council on Economic Priorities for it's ecologically sound manufacturing process and it's overall commitment to producing environmentally safe products.

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