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Raffi Cavoukian

Raffi Cavoukian

Raffi Cavoukian - known as Raffi to his fans - is an active supporter of the environment who brings joy to children through his songs and performances. He tells of love of other people and of the wonderful creatures with which we share the planet. His Baby Beluga is a song, which teaches respect and love for other species.

He gave a major donation to the David Suzuki Foundation, which enabled it to get off the ground. His recent record Evergreen, Everblue has a very strong environmental message. He has successful woven his passion and concern for the environment into his performances.

His gentle, supportive style has encouraged hundreds of thousands of his young listeners to be more environmentally aware. Raffi has been credited by the music industry for leading the campaign to reduce wasteful packaging of compact discs and cassettes. His current publishing contract calls for his books to be printed on non-chlorine bleached recycled paper with non-toxic, vegetable based inks.

In 1992, Raffi was named a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador with special responsibility for youth.

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