Yul Choi

Yul Choi

Mr. Yul Choi has played a key role in the environmental movement in Korea. In 1982, he founded Korea's first environmental organization - The Korea Pollution Research Institute.

In 1985, he revealed that more than 40,000 people were suffering from pollution caused by the industrial complex in the Onsan area. As a result of a scientific survey, which he undertook, and thanks to the support of NGOs, the Government acted by relocating the people and also offered medical treatment.

His achievements include organizing nuclear campaign groups to stop the construction of two nuclear power plants and in 1990 he led the campaign to protect the greenbelt of forests and nature reserves. He was chief executor of the boycott against the company, Doosan, which illegally spilled the toxic chemical phenol into the river and Director of Korean NGO Committee for the Earth Summit in Brazil.

He is now Secretary-General of the largest environmental organization, Korea Action Federation for Environment with 60 full time staff, 12,000 members and 11 regional offices.

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