Masazumi Harada

Masazumi Harada

Professor Masazumi Harada was the first detector of the effect of organic hydrargyrum or Minamata Disease on humans. He has devoted himself to helping victims of the disease and to various environmental issues.

He has published a number of books on the issue, including: Mental and Neurological Disturbances due to Organic Mercury Poisoning During Prenatal Period; Minamata Disease, Words and Photography: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning; Epidemiology in Neurology; Organic Mercury Poisoning; Carbondisulfate Poisoning and Mercury Poisoning; Congenital Minamata; Never Ending Minamata Disease; History of Minamata Disease; The End of Minamata Disease Not Yet in Sight.

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    Kumamoto University

    Nagaminemachi 1780-6


    Kumamoto, Japan 862

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  • Website: Masazumi Harada on Wikipedia