Dr. Edgar Wayburn

Dr. Edgar Wayburn

Dr. Edgar Wayburn, is a Sierra Club volunteer who in the course of 50 years of environmental work has saved 106,271.000 acres of public protected land.

At 87 years of age, he is still active in nature conservation through his role as Chairman of the International Committee of the Sierra Club and as Honorary President of the Sierra Club.

He was instrumental in establishing the Redwood National Park through his personal relationship with key national legislators and agency staff and he drafted documents and prepared and gave testimony at Government hearings.

His campaign to establish the Golden gate National Recreation Area in California were similar to his efforts for the Redwoods.

His involvement in Alaska is even more phenomenal. He and his wife tramped and canoed much of the areas and again his ability to mobilize national action was decisive. It was he who approached the Sierra Club Board to take on the issue of identifying wild areas in Alaska for protected status. He was very much involved in structuring the coalition of environmental groups, which planned the political strategy to bring about success.

His dedication to the protection of the wild is unmatched.

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