Zulekha Ali

Zulekha Ali

On 14 August 1993, Zulekha Ali, a young journalist who had made a name for herself in environmental journalism in a short career spanning just one year, lost her life to the waves while saving another girl from drowning.

She did a series of investigative environmental stories for her newspaper, The News, and almost everything she wrote triggered action because she followed up. Last July, the local town committee decided to turn the only children's park in the area into a maternity home, despite the fact that there were already several homes there. Zulekha did a story on the conversion mobilizing the community who took the matter to court. A stay order was obtained and the park was saved.

Last summer a dozen people drowned in the sea while celebrating the festival Eid. The cause? Illegal sand excavations and inadequate beach safety. Zulekha Ali highlighted this issue and as result Section 144 was imposed in the area prohibiting sand excavation.

Last May, a lethal chemical used in the dyeing industry was dumped along Lyari River, causing the death of two people. Zulekha followed the trial of the chemical and discovered that about 1,460 drums of the same chemical were laying in the customs warehouse. Zulekha's investigation revealed that a large number of chemicals were still dumped. This report resulted in the involvement of environmental agencies and thanks to her efforts toxic chemicals are not treated in the same passive way.

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