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The Bangkok Post

The Bangkok Post

In 1992, the Bangkok Post held an Environmental Awareness Campaign, in which 21 of Thailand's leading advertising agencies were asked to come up with an eye-catching environmental message in the form of a full page advertisement, which the newspaper ran for several months free of charge. That same year, the Bangkok Post launched a tree planting project in Hyay Kha Kaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, in which a percentage of every long-term subscription to the newspaper was given to the Rajapruck Foundation for the purchase of tree saplings. From September 1992 until the project ended in August 1993, the Post gave more than US$100,000 for the purchase of 35,000 saplings, which were planted in the buffer zone of the sanctuary.

The Bangkok Post's promotion of environmental awareness, however, dates back long before that. In 1981, when environmental problems in the minds of most readers were synonymous only with pollution, it started a "Nature Notebook" column covering environmental issues such as deforestation, desertification, hazardous wastes, population growth, disappearing flora and fauna, genetic diversity and pollution. The column was phased out in early 1993, but by then several Post reporters were regularly writing about the environment.

To date, their reports on environmental problems and in-depth coverage of environmental issues and concerns can be read on a regular basis, not only on the news pages, but in other sections of the paper such as Business, Outlook, Horizons and Perspective, making the Bangkok Post the leading newspaper dealing with the environment not only in Thailand but in the Southeast Asian region.

For its environmental awareness campaign, the Bangkok Post was awarded the first prize in community promotions at the Annual Marketing Newspaper Association Conference in Australia in 1993 and the Social Responsibility Marketing Award from the Ninth Thailand Marketing Awards later that same year.

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