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Bernardo P. Ferraz

Bernardo P. Ferraz

Dr. Ferraz's involvement in environmental issues stems from the time he was employed as physical planner at the Governor's Office in the State of Massachussets, U.S.A.

After returning to Mozambique, he worked in rural areas for several years spreading the concept of local community participation in the decision-making process. This was a challenging decision for Dr. Ferraz to make as Mozambique lacked qualified people such as himself and he could have chosen a comfortable town life.

After resigning from his appointment as Director of the State Marketing Board in 1982, Dr. Ferraz joined the National Institute for Physical Planning in order to raise environmental awareness in the country and eventually set up a Government Agency to take charge of environmental issues.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Ferraz worked alone, teaching and mobilizing people interested in environmental issues from 1982 to 1986 when an environmental unit was at last established within the Institute of Physical Planning. His key strengths are awareness building, community empowerment and strong advocacy of sustainable development. According to some of his compatriots, "talking about environment in Mozambique means referring to Dr. Ferraz's achievements".

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