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Robert John Filmer

Robert John Filmer

Robert Filmer is an enthusiastic and dedicated nature conservationist who has made a considerable contribution towards making nature more accessible to other people. However, unlike most other conservationists, Robert is disabled. He is a diabetic with renal failure and has lost his eyesight. Losing his sight has made Robert acutely aware of the inaccessibility of the natural environment to handicapped people. He believes that facilities for the disabled or the blind to experience nature first-hand are essential in order to enrich their lives and to spread an awareness of nature conservation. Convinced that there is a dire need for a national strategy to research and disseminate information, he set about working towards this goal with everything within his power.

Robert organized and participated in two camps for blind people and he initiated a fully accessible 180-metre trail for the blind and handicapped. Furthermore, he has written articles about ecotourism for the disabled and has given various radio talks on the subject. He has also written a report on environmental education and the disabled.

Robert Filmer is a brave and resourceful young man who has not allowed his disability to stand in the way of his goals. While overcoming great physical disabilities, or perhaps because of them, Robert has put other people's education about the natural world at the forefront of his endeavours.

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