Janis and Bob Jones

Janis and Bob Jones

In 1980, Janis and Bob Jones purchased a house at the Moeraki Lighthouse in New Zealand. Their home soon became a sea bird hospital where distressed and injured birds were nursed, cared for, fed and released. Over the past decade, hundreds of yellow-eyed and little blue penguins have passed through the lighthouse sanctuary. The couple's work has been most influential in exposing the predicament of the world's rarest penguin, the yellow-eyed. Janis and Bob have also planted out areas in coastal shrubs to provide nesting sites for the birds.

The couple face many uphill battles with different authorities and a nearby land owner. They have started a trapping programme for penguin predators although they realize that the penguins' worst enemy is man. Concurrently, Janis and Bob play an advocacy role, visiting schools and talking to community groups. Many clubs and individuals in the area have started raising funds for plants, fencing, food and drugs for the couple's project.


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