Her Majesty Queen Noor

Her Majesty Queen Noor

Queen Noor of Jordan has reached out to the population in her efforts to bring about awareness of the state of the environment and promote preservation efforts. She is a leader of many environmental initiatives in which she involves herself at all levels -inception, implementation and follow-up.

At the international level, she acts as Patron of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). As Patron of Jordan's Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) - which operates environmental protection and awareness projects primarily concerning the country's wild and marine life - Queen Noor has overseen the establishment of seven reserves. The Society plans to establish five more by the year 2000. Her RSCN activities also include supporting environment clubs throughout the school system and commissioning comprehensive studies on fauna and flora in the Dana Nature Reserve.

Her Majesty's concern for the ecosystem of the Gulf of Aqaba - one of Jordan's environmental treasures - prompted her to found the Aqaba Committee for the Protection of the Environment, launch campaigns to fight pollution, and help establish the Gulf's Marine Science Station, which features an aquarium and carries out education and research projects. In addition, she headed the National Commission to develop laws supporting the National Environmental Strategy. The Commission worked with IUCN defining the strategy, making Jordan one of only two Middle East countries with a comprehensive environmental plan.

She also supports the role of women in environmental preservation through her position as Patron of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, which has a project providing rural women with farming equipment and training to manage medicinal herb gardens.


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