Television Trust for the Environment

Television Trust for the Environment

Set up in 1984, Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) works to raise public awareness through audiovisual media, placing particular emphasis on promoting issues relevant to developing countries and on building up programme-making capacities in these countries.

In 1987, TVE launched the "Moving Pictures" service to provide a wide range of high quality films and videos to TV stations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other educational agencies in low and middle income countries. Since its launch, "Moving Pictures" has enabled over 128 countries to broadcast over 5000 films one or more times and sent out over 16,000 videos to NGOs.

For ten years, TVE has supplied environmental programmes for Worldwide Television News (WTN). TVE and WTN just formalized their association by joining forces to co-produce a new television series "Agenda 21". The series provides TVE with a new means to help producers and film crews based in developing countries and countries in transition. TVE co-productions have won over 120 international awards, including Emmys, Prix Italias and BAFTAs.

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