Trees for Africa

Trees for Africa

Trees for Africa (TFA) is the only national greening organization in the Republic of South Africa that facilitates community owned projects.

Funds are raised from corporations, funding organizations and citizens to assist in the improvement of the quality of life in the townships, curb soil erosion in rural areas, and create environmental awareness. Since its formation, TFA has planted almost a quarter of a million trees at 1,000 events throughout the country.

TFA promotes education, training and youth development through educational workshops and tree planting projects. TFA continues to expand its activities and receives numerous requests daily for assistance from community groups throughout southern Africa. Although it is strong on grassroots involvement, TFA would not survive without the generous support of sponsors. Corporations, small businesses and individuals have given money, goods and expertise that have been pivotal in its work.

According to the Department of Environment Affairs, eight million tons of fuelwood will be consumed annually in the Republic South Africa by the year 2000. Thirty per cent of the population relies on fuelwood as the main source of energy and growing trees for fuel is desperately needed to take the pressure off indigenous trees.


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