Ron G. Watkins

Ron G. Watkins


Ron Watkins has developed an innovative system of land management, to solve the problems of land degradation, water logging and secondary salinisation, wind and water erosion in his area. He has integrated this with land use management to address additional problems of soil degradation, acidification, loss of structure (organic matter) and loss and imbalance of plant nutrients.

Watkins developed a new approach by insisting on the need to address whole catchments and work from the top of the landscape down, rather than treat the symptoms at the bottom of the landscape. The system also involves water harvesting and water use. This "Integrated Whole Farm - Whole Landscape Planning" management system is a significant advance in whole farm management irrespective of whether it finally solves the problem of recharge of ground water leading to secondary salinisation.

The cost-effective system has application in wind and water erosion control and in commercial and small holder farming systems. The land management system has been put in place over the past 10 years. Through membership at the Land Management Society, Watkins has contributed significantly to intellectual approaches to environmental problems.


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