Kyung-Sun Won

Kyung-Sun Won

In 1955, Won Kyung-Sun, a Republic of Korea farmer, founded Pulmuwon - a self-reliant, charitable organic farming community with the goal of increasing food production in sustainable ways, which also would guard against food contamination. His first step in establishing Pulmuwon was giving up his land titles and donating his property to the community.

At 80 years of age Won is still putting his life's energy into promoting organic farming as well as battling environmental destruction in an effort to alleviate poverty. He is revered as the father of Republic of Korea's organic farming movement and his influence on the Republic of Korea farmers has been far-reaching. Over the years, he organized education initiatives promoting agricultural reform.

Today, his former students are practicing organic farming throughout the country and have developed alternative agricultural technologies. They distribute their products widely through consumer cooperatives, providing people with ample amounts of safe food. In 1990, Won joined the Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEF), and in 1992 he represented CCEJ at the Earth Summit. Upon returning to the Republic of Korea, he established the CCEJ's Centre for Environment and Development which has worked with the Government to promote policies concerning recycling, pollution control and alternative energy development that adhere to sustainable development principles.

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