Young Pioneers Environmental Monitoring Station of Daxinglu Primary School

Young Pioneers Environmental Monitoring Station of Daxinglu Primary School

In May 1990, the first Young Pioneers Environmental Monitoring Station was established at Daxinglu Primary School. Each week, the fifth grade students carry out investigations on acid rain, air, dust and noise pollution. The results of their findings are put to use based on information obtained on the noise and dust pollution near their school. They recommended that a three-dimensional afforestation plan be implemented and botanical gardens be planted to improve the school's environment. All the students are given basic environmental education. The school offers scientific courses and integrates environmental education with other subjects taught in the curriculum. The work they do is not merely self-serving. They take it upon themselves to voluntarily instruct local farmers on the importance of conserving trees as well as sustainable farming practices. They look after the school's flora and often leave campus to visit the neighbourhood inhabitants asking them to care for their environment. Through their surveys, sample collections and detecting, they are able to write up articles which meet the local need for information.

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