Earth Love Fund

Earth Love Fund

Earth Love Fund is a non-profit organization founded by three individuals from the music business who put aside their commercial ventures to raise money for conservation projects in rainforest regions. The Fund's first album was the official album for the Earth Summit and raised half a million pounds which have supported more than 40 projects around the globe - particularly in developing countries. To compile this record, the Fund persuaded some of the world's leading musicians, including Paul McCartney, U2, Peter Gabriel, Sting and Dire Straits to donate tracks on a non-profit basis. In 1995, Earth Rise II was released and received major media coverage in Europe. The link with popular music gives the Fund an opportunity to promote the environmental message to a wide audience which is one of its primary objectives. Activities supported include: extraction of samples of essential oils in the Alto Jura region of Brazil to seek sustainable economic activity for rainforest areas; purchase of seedlings for the Green Belt Movement in Kenya; education in a local community of Cameroon on management of resources in a sustainable manner; establishment of a rainforest medicine project in Peru; creation of an eco-forestry training support programme in Papua New Guinea; development of a project to protect the Dong Nah Tom Forest in Thailand; preservation of traditional crop varieties in Nepal; establishment of an indigenous peoples' environmental resource centre in Irian Jaya; and research into Amerindian agriculture in Guyana.

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