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Garanti Bank T.A.S.

Garanti Bank T.A.S.

Garanti Bank is committed to conserving Turkey's natural assets. The Bank has made nature conservation the central theme of its public relations programme. Wall calendars promote awareness of issues such as animal populations and flora and fauna, while their advertising campaigns highlight endangered species. Recycled paper is used whenever possible for the Bank's publications. Clean air, greenery and open space are the thematic messages of its branches, whose architectural design reflect a green environment in the form of an oasis. In-branch parks serve as waiting areas, while ionizers purify the atmosphere. The Bank has been the primary sponsor of The Society for the Protection of Nature (DHKD) since 1992. One of several projects is the Bird Sanctuary project which seeks to protect wetlands and other bird sanctuaries throughout Turkey. Some 450 species of birds are found in the country, including 12 internationally-recognized threatened species. In addition, Turkey harbors living and breeding grounds for sea creatures, most notably sea turtles. Garanti Bank sponsors programmes which protect the nesting areas of these creatures. Turkey possesses some of the most diverse flora in Europe, with more than 9,000 plant species - one third of them unique to the country. The Bank assists in the protection of this natural wealth by funding several projects managed jointly by DHKD and The Fauna and Flora Preservation Society. Thanks to these efforts, Garanti Bank has given Turkey's wildlife and habitats a chance to survive.

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