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Carlos Roberto Hasbun

Carlos Roberto Hasbun

Carlos Roberto Hasbun, born in El Salvador in 1963, is a biologist who has done more for the environment in six short years than most accomplish in a life-time. His activities have been undertaken at the grassroots level without publicity or fanfare, but simply out of love for the flora and fauna of his country. He wrote and lobbied for the first wildlife conservation law approved in the El Salvador Congress (1994). He is co-founder of the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre of El Salvador - a clinic where injured and/or confiscated animals are treated and returned to the wild. He is the founder of the National CITES Commission and of the Zoological Foundation of El Salvador. He also founded and continues to head the Sea Turtle Conservation Programme in the village of Barra de Santiago where he develops management schemes for the sustainable use of mangrove wood, green iguanas and marine turtles through the involvement of local communities. He established the Salvadoran Environmental Association "Friends of the Trees" which has planted 300 mangrove seedlings for each adult mangrove tree cut down. He is currently the Director of the National Parks and Wildlife Service where he develops conservation and management programmes for wildlife and wildlands. His is the tale of a quiet man and a beloved teacher who taught children in a village who in turn taught their parents, to leave half the eggs each turtle lays on the shore so that this species can be safeguarded for future generations.

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