Danuse Kvasnickova

Danuse Kvasnickova

Throughout her career, Danuse Kvasnickova has promoted environmental education at all levels of the Czech Republic's educational system. She began working as a secondary school biology teacher and, in 1968, organized a national biological competition which continues today. Later, she established the Czechoslovakian Society for Environment, the ECOMENIUS Foundation which trains environmental education specialists, and the Eco-Gymnasium. The gymnasium, where she is Director, was the country's first private school with a curriculum emphasizing the environment in all subjects and at all academic levels. She later worked with other Eastern European countries to simulate her work on an international level. Ms. Kvasnickova is involved in the Dandelion Project sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, which focuses on environmental activities for young people living in rural areas. She has taught pedagogy courses and lectures on environmental education at Charles University in Prague. She has also produced textbooks, articles, radio programmes and videos which were part of a television series entitled "Ecology in all Cases".

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