Professor Akio Morishima

Professor Akio Morishima


Professor Akio Morishima is an eminent international lawyer whose primary concern has been environmental protection for more than three decades. He is considered a theoretical leader in environmental law and policy development in Japan and in environmental research and science. He has served in this field at national and international levels and has been an enthusiastic supporter of environmental justice. He participated, as an expert adviser to the plaintiffs' lawyers in two important court cases, namely the Yokkaichi Asthma Litigation and the Shinkansen Super-Express Train Noise Litigation. Not only did the plaintiffs win the case, his efforts resulted in the strengthening of pollution control and environmental protection measures by the Government. As Chairman of the Policy Committee of the Central Environmental Council, he was the mastermind behind the report Basic Environment Plan which outlines the long-term policies for environmental conservation in Japan, while taking into account the outcome of the Earth Summit in Brazil. Professor Morishima has also taken the lead in environmental research and science, and has played a key role in promoting environmental awareness and community action through the Chubu Environmental Association which he established. He is a member and representative of the Consumer Action Network in Nagoya - a consumer and environmental groups forum. He is President of the Japan Society of Environmental Sciences and a member of the Executive Board of the Japan Centre for Human Environmental Problems. Through his actions, he has gained the confidence of governments and community-based organizations alike. He is also a member of the Commission of International Environmental Law of IUCN and of the Editorial Advisory Board of the World Resources Institute.

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