Bahuddin Hi Pabbite

Bahuddin Hi Pabbite

Eighty year-old Bahuddin Hi Pabbite, better known as Pak Tua, has since 1940 been alone in his fight to preserve the Maleo Bird - long before the Government of Indonesia put this species on the endangered list. The Maleo, who lives in Tomini Bay in Central Sulawesi Province, has been threatened for decades by human predators who steal their eggs. An illiterate man, he lives a very simple existence in an unsuitable house along a beach where the Maleo lays its eggs, so that he can protect its offspring. During the egg laying season, he collects the eggs and puts them in a traditional hatchery box measuring 100x50x50 cm3 which accommodates approximately 40 to 80 eggs. After about three months, the eggs hatch and seven days later the small birds are released into their natural habitat. Pak Tua determines their ability to survive when these chicks are able to crack gravel, dig in sand, run and fly. Although this noble work is not appreciated by the village people, Pal Tua has not lost his enthusiasm and still finds much satisfaction in this lifelong work. He is the winner of his country's 1994 Kalpataru Award in the Environmental Pioneer category.Bahuddin Hi Pabbite

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    Sausu Peore Village

    Parigi District

    Donggala Regency

    Palu Province of Central

    Sulawesi, Indonesia

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