Environment 2000 Foundation

Environment 2000 Foundation

Environment 2000 (E2000), is a non-profit organization staffed by young Zimbabweans, whose aim is to: stimulate environmental awareness and action; uplift socio-economic sustainability and the well-being of the community; and protect the environment.

Aware of the need to work with the corporate sector to reduce environmental degradation, in 1992, E2000 established the Environmental Labelling Programme (ELP). ELP has received a favourable response from industry which is trying to become greener by requesting to have their operations audited before being awarded the blue or green logos stamp of approval. ELP also makes consumers aware of companies whose products and services are environmentally friendly and encourages them to avoid buying products and services which are not.

In line with its goal to spread environmental education, E2000 established clubs in schools, throughout the country, to educate young people about the economic, cultural and aesthetic value of natural resources and helps them develop a better understanding of nature conservation. E2000 provides information through its quarterly magazine "Green-line". Environmental debates, public speaking, camps, field trips, tree plantings and essay competitions are among other activities which E2000 Clubs undertake. Its Information Service engages in comprehensive research in rural and urban areas in order to expose negative environmental activities.

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